Summer is the best time of year to repair, replace or restore your flat roof

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Protecting and preserving your commercial roof begins with a no-charge inspection from Liberty Roofing. We’re the flat roofing experts with more than 25 years of repair, installation and replacement. We service all of New Jersey, and regularly provide commercial, industrial and church flat roof installation, replacement and repair in Newark, Kearny and Elizabeth, NJ.

Experience peace of mind during the worst weather conditions from a family-owned company that combines expert craftsmanship with the highest quality, state-of-the-art products and materials.

As New Jersey’s trusted source for roofing services and customer satisfaction, every project starts with an itemized estimate and firm bid price and ends with your complete satisfaction.

Guarantee the safety of your building and extend the life of your flat roof. Contact Liberty Roofing today.

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10 Most Common Commercial
Flat Roof Problems in NJ:

1.  Severe weather damage
2.  Moisture & leaking
3.  Blow offs & Tenting
4.  Lack of maintenance
5.  Ponding water
6.  Inadequate repairs
7.  Shrinkage
8.  Blistering (“Alligatoring”)
9.  Punctures
10.  Surface erosion

Have a question? Just ask Rocky.

Liberty Roofing | Hackettstown, New JerseyHello. I’m Rocky Hadzovic, President of Liberty Roofing. Flat roof installations, repairs and even maintenance can be challenging due to the very nature of a flat roof design.

Over the years, I’ve been personally involved in the design, repair, restoration and maintenance of hundreds of commercial, industrial and church roofs throughout NJ. I’m here to help you and happy to answer any questions, provide insight on a project, or help you simply understand your options if you are in need of flat roof repair.

– Rocky

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Gaco Flat Roof Restoration / Installation

GacoFlex Roofing | New JerseyLiberty Roofing specializes in applications of this innovative coating. Extremely durable, it will not soften, bubble or degrade under permanent ponding water, making it the ideal solution to renew and extend the life of your flat roof. GacoFlex offers exceptional clean-ability and whiteness retention along with available 5-Year Energy Star Warranty and Labor & Material warranty.

The best roofing material requires the best installation and that’s exactly what you get with the trained technicians from Liberty Roofing. We’ve been a GacoFlex-certified contractor for more than ten years.